LJ's Corner

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hello Bridge Lovers!!!!
I am Linda, love to play bridge as you do! I live in southeastern New Mexico, USA, out in the boonies. I love to read, swim, ride horses & 4-wheelers, sew, cook (if i don't have to plan the meal) and most of all LOVE my grandbabies!!!!! I have 6 of them 2 boys & 4 girls.....fixing to be another boy & girl in July,'06 and Aug.,'06.
I bid Sayc Basic convention, 5card major, weak 2, stayman, jacoby transfer to majors, jacoby NT, limit raise, inverted minor, neg. double, takeout double, unusual NT, and Michaels.........that is...when i remember all of that :) lol.
I plan to play at openladders, BBO, jbridge and swan when zone closes.....hoping openladders will be alot like the zone :) !!! Hope i get to see all my buddies.......it has been a blast!!!!